About Us

CT Automotive was created at the turn of the millennium, the initial target was to create a business capable of offering short lead times and low-cost automotive tooling manufactured to the highest possible standards. In 2006, we moved into our Shenzhen assembly plant.

Our Shenzhen assembly plant proved to be such an effective model it was replicated in various other locations around the world. This enabled CT Automotive to manufacture and deliver high-quality automotive products to more countries in a shorter timescale. As well as opening assembly plants, we have also opened a Design, Technology & Test Validation Centre. At this facility, each individual is fully committed to developing and enhancing new products for our product lines.

Thanks to the unyielding ambition of our people, CT Automotive is continuing to enjoy enormous success all over the world. A unique and recognisable company culture is present across each of our sites to maximise morale, motivation and subsequently productivity, output and quality. With a talented management team and a motivated workforce, we are dedicated to offering the best products and parts for companies in the automotive industry, all the while ensuring our customer service levels remain consistently high. We also have plans to diversify further in the coming years, which will allow more companies to receive high-quality fast-track tooling solutions.

We have come a long way since building our very first tool room back in 2005. CT Automotive is now one of the leading names in the industry and our plan is to keep growing further through the implementation of innovative ideas. The bigger we become, the more businesses can have ready access to the greatest automotive products. We already have sites in the United Kingdom, The United States, Japan, Turkey, Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Mexico and Brazil, and we will continue to look for new business locations to ensure global production and supply remains cost-effective and appropriate to demand.

No matter what you have in mind, you can rest assured our teams have the necessary experience and expertise to handle your requests. Our product range is expansive and diverse, comprising of kinetic parts as well as mechanical storage units and air vent products. Injection mould tooling is also available, along with upholstery and interior trim parts. Everything you see at CT Automotive has been constructed using high-grade material and has been subjected to numerous quality checks during manufacture. With these measures in place, the delivery of flawless final products has become not just a possibility, but also a certainty.

If you have any questions about CT Automotive and would like to get in touch with one of our fantastic customer service representatives, simply head over to our contact page. We may be positioned all over the planet, but we’re only ever just a phone call away. Dial +44 (0) 2392819059 to speak to our main office, or consult our contact page to speak to a particular facility.

Our Principles Of Growth

  • Innovate – Constant Innovation, ensure that our products are unique, protected and unrivalled in terms of quality and functionality.

  • Cost – Ensure that all elements of our business are efficient, lean and in the best possible economic locations.

  • Culture – Provide a business platform that supports entrepreneurship and empowerment of our people.

  • Customer – Focus on customers that share our drive for innovation. Produce outstanding products that exceed our clients expectations.

  • People – Every business is about its people. Hire the brightest talent and create an environment that retains them.

Our Journey So Far


CT Automotive, founded as Chinatool Projects UK Ltd, was formed to supply European clients quick lead time, low cost, injection moulding tools from China


Decision to specialise in interior injection plastic components developing tooling packages for platforms such as the BMW Mini, Honda Civic and Nissan Qashqai


Established a self owned tooling facility in Shenzhen with focus on design, manufacture and testing of both tooling and fixtures


Developed the first serial production of air registers. Establishment of manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen followed in 2007 to support production requirements


Expansion of Shenzhen facility and expanded product offering to Armrests and Gear shift gaiters , CT North America established in North America to serve GM, Calsonic Kansei and localised JIT supply


CT Automotive Systems UK established in Newton Aycliffe to support JIT manufacturing, assembly and supply into CKEU, Magna and JLR, Awarded a number of key European platforms with Faurecia including the Ford Focus


Awarded FIS: Excellence in Development winner for 2010


Distribution centres established in France, Germany, USA, Spain, Thailand, Argentina, China and Mexico


Established manufacturing facility in Istanbul in order to supply JIT production to Faurecia / Ford platform


Established manufacturing facility in Ganzhou, Successfully awarded the majority of new European platforms with our tier 1 partners while expanding globally into the Americas & Asia


Approved supplier to VW/Audi Group and nominated on a number of new platforms, Awarded Faurecia Platinum Supplier of the Year award and GM 2014 Best Supplier

Our Clients