Innovation Defines Us

Everything we do at CT Automotive is spearheaded by innovation, from the creative product line at our disposal, to the fantastic company culture, to our interaction with clients and customers. Innovation acts as the beating heart of the business – the driving force behind absolutely everything we do and all that we stand for.


We’re consistently seeking new and exciting ways to enhance our product range. This ensures that all the items we produce are unique, perpetually protected and utterly unrivalled in terms of quality and functionality.We’re proud of how our product innovation has helped launch the automotive industry into an exciting new era and we have no plans to stop anytime soon.


Our innovative methods don’t stop at the manufacturing point.We continue to act right through to the point of sale, engaging with customers and clients that share our drive and passion. We pride ourselves on producing outstanding products that exceed expectations.


In business, one of the most important areas in which to remain innovative is company culture.The staff and workers are the people who make CT Automotive what it is, and we are preoccupied with finding new ways to ensure they remain motivated and fulfilled in their job roles at all times. This innovative approach toward company culture has helped to make CT Automotive a fantastic business platform for both entrepreneurship and empowerment, creating lifelong careers for ambitious individuals hungry to show their worth to the world.


Our innovative approach towards company culture has seen our employees develop and thrive in a positive environment; however, we also adopt an innovative mind-set during the initial recruitment phase to ensure we have the best people on board from the very beginning. Our company roster is reserved exclusively for the most ambitious and brightest minds, and we are dedicated to hiring the finest individuals for the job in every area of the business. We care about our staff and we do absolutely everything we can to ensure they are given the tools, skills and inspiration they need to perform every task with aplomb.

Dampened Vents

Concern : 

  • Efforts control difficult in conventional product

  • Efforts capability control is difficult

  • Development time for bringing desired efforts control is high.

  • Poor user feeling and perceived quality.

Illuminated Vents

Concern : 

  • Lack of visual appeal

  • In conventional air-vents, change in temperature has no impact on visual perception

Innovation : 

  • Damper is a viscoelastic silicone oil based device

  • Improves perceived quality in operation of air-vents significantly

  • Achieving the desired efforts to a tight tolerance is as simple as choosing a damper particular band of efforts and efforts can reach capability of more than 1.8 CPK.

  • Removes the need for repeated tuning of various interfaces for control of efforts

  • Extremely good cycle life performance and durability of efforts at wide range of temperatures (-400C to 900C) and humidity 85% RH (< 15% effort degradation).

  • Increases the flexibility of using variety of materials, even for functional components

Innovation : 

  • Low powered RGB LED installed along with a light guide on the housing of the air-vent

  • RGB LED controlled by the vehicle’s potentiometer used for controlling the HVAC’s temperature

  • On controlling the potentiometer to “COLD AIR”, the LED emits a bright blue glow and “WARM AIR” emits a bright red glow

  • Adds to the perception of the passengers about the mode of air-conditioning

  • Unlit light guide unit invisible from A-Surface

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