CT Automotive is focused on delivering the very best products through utilisation of cost-effective and advanced control measures. We have a strong and reputable presence in the automotive tooling world, but we are also a company that embraces further growth. Every day, we take active steps to ensure we are progressing and remain finely in tune with our industry surroundings.

Our Shenzhen plant underwent expansion and regeneration in 2016, and we regularly take the time and effort to review and revamp facilities so that state of the art industry technology is exclusive across all our sites. With house tool manufacturing divisions situated in various locations across the globe, we can cater for any client when it comes to export tooling, no matter where they are based or what their requirements might be.

The perpetual development and progress planning that goes on behind the scenes at CT Automotive ensures we are able to offer all kinds of customers the complete package when it comes to automotive tooling – from design and development, to component maturation, to product validation.


Our in house tool manufacturing division based within the CT Automotive Shenzhen plant gives us the advantage of total control over the tooling manufacturing phases that ensure only the best quality tooling is manufactured on time and with precision accuracy to the given program milestones.

With our own in house tool room facility and using our resources of our two joint ventures, one located close to the main technical center and the other based in Taiwan we can cover all your export tooling requirements. We have global program support that ensure you are never truly far away from what’s happening on the ground.

Engineering Design And Development

Our versatile, experienced, and highly skilled engineering design and development team has been leading the way for CT Automotive since the company was born. This experienced team headed up out of our Shenzhen facility reaches out globally with satellite design and development engineers based globally at our facilities and on site as residents at the customer.

Our engineers engage in a variety of crucial tasks and perform a wide array of duties. These include clay modelling and initial concept design work, as well as computer fluid dynamics, final data releases and engineering design itself. High performance at this level guarantees only the best designs make it to the tooling manufacture stage. This way, every single customer receives the best final product.

Thanks to the incredibly high standards at base level, CT Automotive is a company you can depend on. All the current market trends are accounted for, and we are capable of providing tailored solutions for any client seeking something more specific.

Component Maturation

The extensive vertical integration at CT Automotive means we now have all the core processes and resources in place at our technical centres to fast-track maturation.

Any engineering change requests regarding product development can be accounted for easily and effectively.

Product Validation

At CT Automotive, we want every single customer to be completely satisfied, that is why we put so much effort into product validation and go to great lengths to ensure all items are validated to the highest possible standards. Our high quality in-house, independently accredited ISO 17025 testing facilities are fully approved by Volkswagen Group and General Motors, and are designed specifically for us to link together CAE work and final product validation. CT Automotive strives for excellence at every stage, which means only the highest quality fully validated products are sold and shipped.

CT Automotive is the company to turn to for the finest automotive parts and products. We have the talent, knowledge, and ambition to deliver the kind of products all our customers and clients deserve. We’re innovative and efficient at every possible stage of the production process, from design work right up until product validation.

Producing superb solutions for automotive tooling companies is what we do. We’re passionate about it, and when you consult CT Automotive to handle any of your tooling needs, you’ll soon discover that we set the highest standards in the industry, offering the kind of outstanding products your business can really benefit from. Call us now on +44 (0) 2392819059, or visit our contact page for more information on how to get in touch.

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